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April 2011

Faith In Prayers

Have you ever wanted something so much, that you keep on working and praying hard for it with all your heart? Have you ever wanted something so much, but nothing happens, but you keep trying anyway? Have you ever thought... Continue Reading →



I may have written about this a few times before, but I'm going to write about it again anyway.   Some of my good friends are going through difficult times in their lives. It brought me back to my own... Continue Reading →


Bila putus cinta dengan boyfriend Mak ada Bila keguguran Mak ada Bila putus kasih dengan suami Mak ada Bila sakit Mak ada Bila susah Mak ada Tapi kalau mak dah tak ada nanti....macam mana...? Sebab tu kena lebih dekat dengan... Continue Reading →

World Filled With Love Part 3: In Search of Inspiration

I don't know why I just can't focus tonight. I feel like I have ran out of motivation. Nothing could push me forward, and the only thing that I feel like doing tomorrow is to clear up my room, my... Continue Reading →

On Behalf of Mommy Dearest

I'm writing this to my Muslim male friends who are about to be married, are married, or no plans yet but will be married someday. It's not easy to make anyone understand where this is coming from, and maybe, as... Continue Reading →


For some reason I don't feel at ease with myself lately. My posts/comments recently have either been too preachy or too loud. Or angry. People do say "practice what you preach". And obviously I need a lot of reminders...hmmm... But... Continue Reading →

When We Ask For His Help

In simple language. Whenever we say our prayers to ask for Allah's help, any of these things will happen: (1) Our wishes granted (2) It becomes His Forgiveness to our past sins (3) He will replace what we ask for... Continue Reading →

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