From My Heart


January 2016

Picture Perfect

Some moments are just picture perfect. But a lot of times, I'd rather live in those moments. * * * I love photography. I really do. I inherited this love from my uncles (and even perhaps my dad). My favourite... Continue Reading →


Dragging Your Legs

And this.Recently a lot of dark thoughts went into my head. Perhaps it's the exams, perhaps it's for seeing 'ghosts' too often. But it has become a habit, to turn those dark thoughts into something better. I have to admit... Continue Reading →

Fragile. Or Not.

   Too tired to think. Too numb to feel.

Optimism of the Believers

"Does God really love me?" "If He loves me, why am I facing so much difficulties?" "Has God abandoned me?" People ask these questions all the time. Some ask these questions to the extent of doubting His existence. In the... Continue Reading →

My House Officers

I feel like telling stories tonight. It's been seven years since I finished housemanship. I did not have house officers (HOs) to help me out in more than half of that seven years. I know some people are never happy... Continue Reading →

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