From My Heart


July 2013

Learning From the Dying

I was in Palliative Medicine for more than three years, mainly recovering from a deep wound, taking small steps each time. The question often asked is, how can you stay in Palliative Medicine for that long and not feel depressed?... Continue Reading →


Learning From The Dying – Love Your Parents

Ramadhan brings me lots of memories. Today I was brought back to Ramadhan in 2009, when one of our patients passed away peacefully. * * * Mr Kassim (not his true name) was transferred to us from Hospital Kuala Lumpur... Continue Reading →

Scrubbing the Pots – We’re A Bunch of Bullies

Sayang, Now that we've welcome you into the family, please let me say a word or two.  First and foremost, it would be nice if you could excuse my uncles'...erm...behaviour...towards you. From some outsider's point of view, they, or we, are probably... Continue Reading →

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