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July 2009

Big Apple Donuts in 4C

I walked to the nurse counter after lunch. Then I saw it. Two large boxes of Big Apple Donuts.   “Wow, who’s this from?” “Patient’s niece.” “Why are they still here? Why not in the pantry?” “We’re waiting for you,... Continue Reading →



Friends   They’re there for you when you’re crying. When you’ve stopped crying they’d ask, “are you alright now?” They’d follow up and say, “You seem to be doing fine. Are you really fine?”   Friends   They become closer... Continue Reading →

Signs That You’re Getting Older

Signs that you're getting older: 1. You listen to MixFm, then LiteFm, instead of Hitz or Fly. 2. You come home at 12 midninght on Fridays and Saturday nights, instead of the usual 3-4am. Or you just stay at home.... Continue Reading →

Really? Is Palliative Care Depressing?

We've always got this comment, "Aren't you depressed, working here in Palliative Care Unit?" "I don't know how you could stand working here, it's so depressing." Someone came into the lift when the three of us were laughing about in... Continue Reading →

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Has been thinking of getting a new perfume for the past few weeks. I grabbed the chance today in Auckland International Airport. 10 minutes before boarding time. Tried Dior Addict 2. Sweet, but no thanks. Looked at the price tags. Hmm...maybe... Continue Reading →

Run, Maria, Run!

Background music: Kau Aku by Aizat Had a rushed 40-minute shopping this afternoon. Parking in Auckland City could be really really expensive, up to $6 per hour! So I decided to take a ferry from Half Moon Bay (near Cik... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and Me

Watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince today. Had a nice time. Funny. Sweet. A bit of romance. Scary. Sad, in the end, as everyone (I hope) knows. Somehow it brought back some emotions. Emotions that I felt years... Continue Reading →

Out of My Comfort Zone – Part 2

Background music: Yuna's Dan Sebenarnya. It was a bright day. Sun shining, giving the bright New Zealand blue sky that I've missed so much. I was up for a mission - to drive alone to Auckland City Centre and tour it... Continue Reading →

Out of My Comfort Zone – Part 1

I am still testing this blog site, actually. All this while I've been writing and just writing. Apparently there's more than that. There are so many more things that we can do in a blog. Like flickr. Or categorising. Yes,... Continue Reading →

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