From My Heart


October 2015

Prophetic Parenting – A Book Review

This is a book written by Dr Nur Muhammad Abdul Hafizh Suwaid, originally in Arabic titled "Manhaj at-Tarbiyyah an-Nabawiyyah lith Thifl". It was written in 1983, and translated into formal Indonesian in 2010 that is rather easy to understand, except... Continue Reading →


Yes, We Will

Feeling overwhelmingly emotional tonight. I don't know how many times I would put this photo up in my blog, but I guess at least until I finally pass this exam. I know it symbolises something. A few things, in fact.... Continue Reading →

Heroes of Palestine and Messages of Hope

Before I started studying medicine, I had in mind that when everything else falls in a country, doctors would be amongst the last ones standing. More than a decade down the line, I managed to see the proof, through the... Continue Reading →

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