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October 2009

Under GA – Confessions of A Doctor

Disclaimer: I'm sorry for the subtleties that comes with this note. Those who know the real story behind it would be in the know, and those who don't, maybe it's not time for you to know yet. I found that... Continue Reading →


Sixth Sense

People always talk about mother's instinct, which, I found, is often correct. Some of us have better sixth sense compared to the others. Like my boss. It happened one fine evening when I was on call. I do passive calls,... Continue Reading →

Romantic Inclination 2 – The Play

This is a continuation of my previous note, Romantic Inclination. I've begun to like one of Siti Nurhaliza's new songs, Ku Percaya Ada Cinta. The first thing that attracts me is the song arrangement. This song, composed by the award-winning... Continue Reading →

Romantic Inclination

I was driving back from work this morning and the song "Aku Cinta Padamu" by Siti Nurhaliza was aired in the radio. I don't know how the song managed to win the Anugerah Juara Lagu some 10 years ago, despite... Continue Reading →

Pretty Confident

Last Sunday I read my cousins' Seventeen magazine. I don't know why they bought it, or maybe it's not even theirs, it's in their car. The topics there are really shallow - all about boys, girls and being skinny. Although... Continue Reading →

Ghareeb 3 – Of Doctors, Engineers and Reese Witherspoon

Recently we had this misunderstanding against an engineer. Well, it's more of, we explained, and her being unable to understand the concept of medicine. Anyway, not many doctors understand palliative care, but yes, she asked us the same question over... Continue Reading →

Rezeki Halal – My Simplified Understanding

Rezeki halal. Not just the nature of the job. But also what you DO with the job. Kerja mesti betul - betul. Tak boleh ponteng. Tak boleh short cut. Kerja mesti berkhidmat, bukan asal siap. Kerja mesti fikir untuk menyumbang... Continue Reading →

Make It Worth the Pain – The Climb

Someone said this before, and I can't remember who it was. This person (I think it's a he) was away from his parents, studying, I suppose. So he studied hard. And he said, "This distance between us is difficult for... Continue Reading →

Sense and Sensibility

Just now during Journal Club, part of the ethics-related article discussed about management of resources, and its connection with decisions on patient management. I was then reminded of a Hadith by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH and family). I can't... Continue Reading →

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