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February 2010

Preparing For Death

"You die the way you live." Coming from someone who's worked closely with, and for, the dying for many years, you'd better believe it. A lot of times we act as if we're never going to fall sick. We act... Continue Reading →


My Grandmother’s Determination

Story by proxy (Wak Mohlis). My grandparents used to live in Meru (about 7.5 miles from Klang) when their family was smaller. In 1968 they moved to Bukit Kapar (10 miles from Klang). My grandmother still had her rubber farm... Continue Reading →

The Red Jacket

This is a story about an 85 year-old man, who came into my life for a short while, but left a lasting impression to me. He came to us with his smile, and his cancer. He's be in the ward... Continue Reading →

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