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July 2017

My Reading List – Part 4a: Soe Hok Gie, Catatan Seorang Demonstran

This is not a novel, and not a biography. This book is a compilation of his diary entries which began on 4th March 1957, when he was 15, and ended with an entry dated 8th December 1969, just 8 days... Continue Reading →


Wisdom from Pain

Indeed, the Quran and the seerah contain endless wisdom, they strengthen the heart like nothing else could.. . . Thinking of Musa's mother, when her heart was made numb, because she had to let her son go. Just to be... Continue Reading →

O Tree Hugger

O tree huggerAt peace you are Lying on the white beachThe waves moving gentlyTelling youYou're homeIn harmony you areOn the stones along the waterfallAs if the earth is embracing youWelcoming you to its armsO tree huggerRefreshed you areLooking up the... Continue Reading →

Now What?

I'm writing from my own experience, and reflections from some ayat of the Quran. When something really bad happens to us, or bad things happen repeatedly, often we have this sense of despair, we'd lose any glimpse of hope in... Continue Reading →

Yang Terindah

It was a majestic evening. She's dressed up to the nines. Kebaya, heels, make ups, perfumes. And him, beautiful as always. Small smiles on their faces. Polite. Charming. "Mahu dikatakan apa lagi Kita tak akan pernah satu Engkau di sana,... Continue Reading →

We Are A Team In Love

In my dreams, we will be busy.  Busy working, busy fighting. For truth, for justice. We will fight for the cities - to be clean, to be civil, to be prosperous. We will fight for the environment, and will be... Continue Reading →

Cahaya Kurniaan Abadi

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