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September 2015

Dear Adik-adik, Good Luck and Happy Learning

I went to the KL International Airport earlier today to send off my cousin as she went for a holiday with her husband. There, I noticed dozens upon dozens of young girls and boys. After observing the way they dress,... Continue Reading →


What Did the Arabs (Not) Do?

Recently Brother Nouman Ali Khan came over to this country. He told us, "When I take a ride in a taxi, I would ask the driver to switch on the radio. I wanted to hear what you guys listen to... Continue Reading →

The Light and Human Potential

Disclaimer: This is my humble attempts to put what I learnt two weekends ago about the most beautiful verse in the Quran. Please forgive me if I understood this verse wrongly, or if my words does not display the beauty... Continue Reading →

Coolness of the Eyes

I came back from work today and I passed by Masjid Wilayah. I was pulled to it but I did not go because I already performed my Asar prayers before leaving my workplace. Instead, I made a promise to stop... Continue Reading →

The Birds

It is nice to wake up to the singing of the birds. They chirp away so happily, you can't help feeling the joy. The songs they sing are so cheerful, your steps would skip with them. They hop around cheerfully... Continue Reading →

Peace and Tranquility

Thank you for those four amazing weekends. It gave such a peaceful feeling - sitting and listening to the lectures, focusing on Allah's words explained by this man, after spending hectic mornings managing our worldly chores. I had the same... Continue Reading →

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