From My Heart


May 2014

No Matter What

No matter how many men have left us Or how many have treated us unfairly No matter how many babies we have lost In early pregnancy Even when our mom is unwell And nobody knows why Even when nobody really... Continue Reading →


The Two Cities

London You are filled with life Bustling with activities, one after another Rarely stopping to take a deep breath Sleeps a little, if at all Loud music Noisy, but cheery at the same time Colours other than blue, black or... Continue Reading →

Our Love for Him (Peace Be Upon Him)

I was so blessed to have had the chance to attend Ilmfest Malaysia 2014 that was held in Putrajaya International Convention Center over the weekend, even when I only managed to get there on one of the two days. My... Continue Reading →

Palliative Medicine: More Than Just Morphine (Part III)

As with everyone else, cancer patients have families, loved ones, who care for them, appreciate them, and each carry their own responsibilities. Some are single parents, sole breadwinners, have young kids or elderly parents to care for. Being progressively unwell,... Continue Reading →

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