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September 2017

People First

"How can I be concerned for the people if I do not suffer what they suffer?" said Umar Al Khattab RA. This is a book about Umar Al Khattab, one of Islam's greatest leader after the death of Prophet Muhammad... Continue Reading →


Perpisahan dan Pertemuan

Apalah gunanya perpisahan Jika tiada harapan Untuk bertemu lagi Dia mungkin sudah pergi Tidak akan kembali Tapi dia sedang menanti Di sana Doakanlah Agar dia bahagia Doakanlah Dia menantikannya Doakanlah Kerana itulah yang akan dibawanya Bekalan yang tak putus Doakanlah... Continue Reading →

The Invaluable Favor

On Tuesday, a cardiologist was on his feet for at least six hours trying to save my uncle's life. Him and his team. I wondered what did I ever do to deserve such a service from other people. Yes, they... Continue Reading →

Responsible Opinion – An Excerpt from Umar Ibn Al Khattab: His Life and Times

"Umar learned from the Messenger of Allah (SAW) how to respect honest opposition; hence we see that during his caliphate he encouraged the Sahabah to voice sound opinions that served the public interest. Freedom of opinion is guaranteed in the... Continue Reading →

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