From My Heart


February 2014

It Rained

Tap tap on the window pane I looked up It rained My eyes teared up My heart in peace A few groups of men held group prayers Earlier today Istisqa', they say Prayed for the rain Prayed hard Because it... Continue Reading →


The Ageing Parents

Time flies. We grow up. Our parents get older, and so do we. It gets more challenging as the days go by. Parents get unwell. Some get diabetes, heart problems, kidneys failures. Some even get cancer. Curable or incurable. Some... Continue Reading →

Palliative Medicine: More Than Just Morphine (Part I)

This article was written for on 9th February 2014 in conjunction to World Cancer Day. It is the first part of three. * * * Palliative medicine is a relatively new field in Malaysia. It is, at the moment,... Continue Reading →

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