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May 2010

This Is Your Alter Ego Speaking

Written on 28th April 2010, 1049hrs Dear Maria, Do chase your dreams. Because your dreams will become reality, if you work hard enough. Forget the shadows. Sit still at home. Don't disturb Hannah. You can do that later. Appreciate your... Continue Reading →


Drama Larut Malam

Written on 30th April 2010, 0122hrs. "Apa kau tidak mahu mendengar kata-kataku dahulu?" tanya Kencana. "Bukan kau tidak tahu, aku tak pernah mendengar kata-katamu?" sindir Nian. Kencana terdiam sejenak. "Apa lagi yang kau mahu, Kencana? Dahulu kau tidak mahu langsung... Continue Reading →


Written on 2nd May 2010, 0144hrs. Maria's up at 1am again. Yes, I know. The title is so...blatant and bold and all..but I've been compelled to write this since this afternoon, morning, in fact. I've noticed that lately it has... Continue Reading →

Moving Frenzy

Written on 5th May 2010 @ 0121hrs. Now is the time to test my ability to generate a list. Hmm....damage to which lobe of the brain causes difficulty generating a list (Part I neurology....huhuuuuu!!)? Right...moving frenzy: 1. You can't wait... Continue Reading →

Professionalism, eh?

Written on 8th May 2010, 1252hrs. You are a ST1 doctor in General Medicine. During an on-call you are in A&E seeing a patient who has a pneumothorax. On arriving you find the A&E ST2 doctor attempting to perform an... Continue Reading →

I Miss Dublin

Written on 10th of May 2010, 1352hrs, the day before my exams. Aaaargh! I need a short break! At times it's nice to just sit and study and do nothing else. Don't need to worry about patients, don't need to... Continue Reading →

The Deep Ocean

Written on 15th May 2010, 0136hrs Within the past four years, so many things has happened in my life. Things that changed my life entirely, turned my life upside down, and downside up, opened my mind, touched my heart, made... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, My Inspiration

Written on 28th of May 2010, 2359hrs. Today is his birthday. Please allow me to give a little tribute for him. I know I seldom meet him. Maybe two or three times a year. But I cherish those days anyway.... Continue Reading →

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Farah is coming back tonight. I think she's arrived in KL by now. And I was driving down NKVE in the rain just now. It just triggered my memories. Of KLIA. And of my journey. It has witnessed a lot... Continue Reading →

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