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February 2011

The Prophet In Our Hearts

It is a known fact that our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW is the most influential man in the world.   Yes, despite him being physically absent.   Just imagine, A man whose actions and words are copied by millions of... Continue Reading →



Written on 7th February 2011 @ 0038hrs If wealth is the secret to happiness, then the rich should be dancing on the street; but only poor kids do that. If power ensures security, then officials & politicians should walk unguarded;... Continue Reading →

Grilling Benefits

Written on 4th February 2011 @ 1347hrs The benefits of grilling our food: 1. It's healthier because there's much less oil used 2. No splashes of oil on the kitchen floor/stove 3. Pop everything into the oven and you can... Continue Reading →

Health Versus Wealth

Health versus wealth. New year. Old argument. The other day my dad was correcting some English papers for his plantation students. The students were asked to discuss which one is more important to them, and why. EVERYONE thinks that money... Continue Reading →

That Beauty Within

Written on 31st January 2011 @ 0042hrs Pretty girl met handsome guy. Pretty girl thought, "he looks like a nice guy." Handsome guy is polite and friendly to pretty girl. Pretty girl began to like handsome guy. One day, pretty... Continue Reading →

Domino Effect

Written on 29th January 2011 @ 0027hrs I think many of us have met someone who makes our lives difficult, and wish that that person will have a life of bad lucks. Some people might even go on with praying... Continue Reading →

Berangan Sebelum Balik Kerja

Written on 25th January 2011 @ 1758hrs Sebenarnya seronok duduk rumah sendiri bila dah kerja ni. Lagi-lagi ditambah dengan housemate yang happening. Balik kerja boleh main masak-masak. Kalau rasa nak diet, boleh makan roti sahaja. Buat senaman ikut video aerobic... Continue Reading →

Berangan Masa Lalulintas Sesak

Written on 24th January 2011 @ 1744hrs Dalam kereta tengah jam sempat berangan sambil nyanyi lagu Siti Nurhaliza sambil tulis blog. Tujuh minit. Dulu pernah fikir, dah jadi specialist nanti nak tukar kereta apa? Tau kata belilah Audi. Aku fikir,... Continue Reading →

That Hug

Written on 21st January 2011 @ 0041hrs I was watching you You're pretty, so lovely Your gentle care for you ill mother; you melt my heart And you know it Now she's passed on Your heart broken into pieces Some... Continue Reading →

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