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February 2011

The Prophet In Our Hearts

It is a known fact that our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW is the most influential man in the world.


Yes, despite him being physically absent.


Just imagine,

A man whose actions and words are copied by millions of Muslims around the world, through the ages.

Followed by Muslims of any regions, race, colour, gender, age.

And without knowing it, people of other religions too.


His words and deeds become guidance for our daily life.

Since a person is born, until he passes on.

Since he wakes up, until he goes to bed.


The way he speaks – kind words full of wisdom, spoken gently.

The way he deals with others – diplomatic, with respect.

The way he carries himself – with manners nobody could ever be offended by.


The way he talks, walks, eats and drinks.

The way he treats women and children – kindly and tender.

The way he loves animals, treating them like humans too.


The way he lives his life – in simple and humble ways.


His patience, preseverance, his love.


He spreads Islam not with a sword.

But with kind, wise words.

And of course, with Words of Allah.


Is there any other man in this whole world, since its beginning, whose words and actions are being followed, whom millions of people aspire to be like, who is loved and prayed for, even when he is long gone?


Is there any other man in this whole world, since its beginning, who is loved and prayed for, when millions of people have never actually met in person?


He’s here in our hearts.

Some a lot, some not much.

One may burn all the books about him, but he’s alive in our soul. Nobody could take that away from us.


Alhamdulillah, praise the Lord for sending us this sacred human being.

Thank you, Allah, for the gift of eternal light in the form of the Quran and His Prophet.


* * *


May I put in what Mahatma Ghandhi says about him:

“I wanted to know the best of one who holds today’s undisputed sway over the hearts of millions of mankind….I became more than convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the Prophet, the scrupulous regard for his pledges, his intense devotion to this friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and in his own mission. These and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every obstacle. When I closed the 2nd volume (of the Prophet’s biography), I was sorry there was not more for me to read of the great life.”


* * *


Many of us, me included, have a very long way to go, to prove our love for our Prophet. Let’s begin to do it, pray for Allah’s help. May Allah show us the way, and Give us the strength to get there.


* * *


Do you know that it was Prophet Muhammad’s wisdom that told us to wash our hands before and after seeing a sick person?

Now it’s practiced in ALL hospitals throughout the world.



Written on 7th February 2011 @ 0038hrs

If wealth is the secret to happiness, then the rich should be dancing on the street; but only poor kids do that.

If power ensures security, then officials & politicians should walk unguarded; but it’s only those who live simply, sleep soundly.

If beauty & fame bring ideal relationships, then celebrities should have the best marriages.

Live simply. Walk humbly. Love genuinely. Life will become beautiful & meaningful too.

*Shared from IslamicThinking at Twitter and Tumblr.

Have a good Monday, everyone!! πŸ™‚

Grilling Benefits

Written on 4th February 2011 @ 1347hrs

The benefits of grilling our food:

1. It’s healthier because there’s much less oil used
2. No splashes of oil on the kitchen floor/stove
3. Pop everything into the oven and you can do other house chores while waiting, ie washing dishes, sweeping the kitchen floor, setting the dinner table, folding laundry etc
4. Pop everything into the oven and browse the internet for other grilling/baking recipes
5. Only a few cooking utensils to wash, namely the baking tray, the tongs and the knife (if you need to use it)
6. We can marinade the chicken/beef/lamb right after grocery shopping and keep them in the freezer for use the whole week
7. Even when we wake up a little late for work, we could still prepare a good meal for lunch

Happy housewife-ing!!


Health Versus Wealth

Health versus wealth. New year. Old argument.

The other day my dad was correcting some English papers for his plantation students. The students were asked to discuss which one is more important to them, and why.

EVERYONE thinks that money is more important.

Let me phrase it differently.

NOBODY thinks health is as important as money. Or wealth.

Being in my profession, working for the people I work for, I would want to disagree with ALL of them. Let me put my points clear.

Good health enables a person to work and care for other people. Good health enables someone to travel the world and make new discoveries, new friends, new experience in life. Good health will, if combined with hard work, bring good money and wealth.

Let’s see if we have all the money and no health.

Life will be spent going to the hospital every week, or everyday, Β or every month for follow ups, for admissions, for scans et cetera. Life will be spent stuck on wheelchair, on hospital beds, at home, in scan rooms.

Life will be spent taking medications, suffering from their side effects. Even from things as simple as aspirin.

Life will be spent in pain and/or agony.

No matter how many people you could pay to care for you, how many doctors you could consult, how expensive the medications you could afford to buy, you’d still be at least a little depressed that your life is dependent on others.

If someone is well, he could sleep on the grass, under the tree, and feel comfortable. Whereas if one is sick, or in pain, he won’t be able to sleep even on the most comfortable mattress in the world.

When you’re healthy, you could work, you could think properly, and your wealth will accumulate.

If you’re sick, you might need to get off work often, and whatever wealth you have, will dwindle.

I’m not saying that money is not important (this is where people ALWAYS get me wrong – when I talk strongly FOR a point, doesn’t mean I’m AGAINST the other). It still is.

Well, with money, we could buy exercise equipments to put in our own gym, buy all the organic food (or pay someone to grow them for us), pay someone to cook all the healthy food while we’re away working, pay for vitamins, pay for health books, pay for dental visits, pay for a nice big house with big compound with big trees around so we could have cleaner air to breathe….the list goes on and on and on. Yes, money is important.

But, there’s always a way to live a healthy life, even though we’re not so rich.

Of course, with money we could get earlier diagnosis and better treatment. Rather than lining up for radiotherapy in HKL, we could go straight for it in a private hospital. It does make a difference, but not all the time. If you’re destined to have a bad cancer, you’ll have a bad cancer no matter how rich you are. It’s still incurable even when you’ve seen the best (or most expensive) oncologist in town.

It is frustrating that people think wealth is more important than health. I shouldn’t be too surprised, though, because if our society makes health their priority, then we would have one radiotherapy machine in every major hospital, rather than two machines in HKL which breaks down all the time. Don’t blame the government/ministry all the time, people, because if we really fight for something, we might get it. Thing is, we do not think that health is important enough. So we don’t fight. Until illness comes to us. Until it’s too late.

Let’s get our priorities right.

Let’s work, and pray, for our good health.

And let’s thank God for our good health.

That Beauty Within

Written on 31st January 2011 @ 0042hrs

Pretty girl met handsome guy.
Pretty girl thought, “he looks like a nice guy.”

Handsome guy is polite and friendly to pretty girl.
Pretty girl began to like handsome guy.

One day, pretty girl overheard handsome guy talking to his friends.
He used a lot of foul language.
His manners were not so nice.

So, pretty girl decided, that handsome guy is just a handsome guy.
He’s not so attractive anymore.

Because beauty, it seems, is only real, when it comes from within

Domino Effect

Written on 29th January 2011 @ 0027hrs

I think many of us have met someone who makes our lives difficult, and wish that that person will have a life of bad lucks. Some people might even go on with praying for another person’s difficult life in return.


Some people could be really that evil. I mean, in making our lives difficult. Unbearable.


But let’s think of it this way then.

Say you wish that someone ‘evil’ will get a very bad cancer or accident one day. Suddenly what you wished for came true. Yes, this person had a very bad accident and the family will need to pay so much for the hospital bills. That person’s family will suffer physically, financially and mentally too. The event might affect their work and other aspects of life.


Maybe that evil person’s daughter is a doctor, or a nurse. Because of the stress she’s in, she could not function well at work. She might prescribe the wrong dose of medication or made the wrong decision which might make her patients suffer.


The family might even become so financially stressed that they might need to borrow money from other people. Maybe they could not pay the other person back in the nearest future. So the person they borrowed money from will have to suffer for a while.


If this patient’s daughter is a teacher, she might need to take long leave to care for her mother/father, who is the ‘evil’ person, who landed in such bad luck because of your wishes. So if she takes long leave, who’s going to replace her? Do her work? She’ll need to take unpaid leave, or if she work in a private company she might need to quit her job.


All for just one wish of bad luck.


Let’s think of it another way.


If person A is evil towards person B. Person B prays hard so person A will see the light one day and become a better person. Person B wishes that person A will realize her mistakes and repent.


One fine day, Person B’s wishes come true. Person A realized that she had been treating other people badly. She apologized to the people around her, starts becoming more generous and understanding. She starts becoming friendly and empathic towards other people. She starts helping other people around her, because it is better to be nice than to behave beastly towards others.


Now, not only Person A stops being unpleasant to Person B. Because of that kind wish from Person B, the whole world seems to be a much better place now.


It is easier to wish for bad things to happen when someone is making our lives so difficult.

I know it is hard to make ourselves pray for everyone, even those who’s been very unpleasant to us.

But then again, the choice is ours, my dear friends.

Let’s do the right thing – choose to pray for good things, and ONLY good things.


Have a good weekend, everyone!




Berangan Sebelum Balik Kerja

Written on 25th January 2011 @ 1758hrs

Sebenarnya seronok duduk rumah sendiri bila dah kerja ni.
Lagi-lagi ditambah dengan housemate yang happening.

Balik kerja boleh main masak-masak.
Kalau rasa nak diet, boleh makan roti sahaja.
Buat senaman ikut video aerobic dalam bilik.
Ataupun balik terus tidur sebab keletihan.

Kalau aku tak payah simpan duit untuk study, boleh beli perabot macam-macam.
Boleh masak macam-macam, panggil kawan-kawan dan saudara mara makan.
Tapi sebab nak bayar exam fees, aku pun kena bersederhana.
Kalau tak pun, lebih baik bersederhana sebab kena jugak simpan duit sikit untuk kecemasan.

Sebab kena study, tak bolehla nak masak gourmet dish.
Bila tengok TV teringin nak buat makanan yang Anna Olsen masak.
Atau makanan Cina/Melayu yang kompleks sikit.

Bila difikir-fikirkan balik, sebenarnya kalau tak study, aku tak tahu nak buat apa dengan hidup aku.
Bukannya ada suami nak ditatang bagai minyak yang penuh.
Ataupun anak-anak yang nak dimanjakan.
Kalau tak study, mana arah tuju, aku pun tak tahu.
Dan kerana itu aku berterima kasih kepada “kapak” aku dulu sebab paksa aku berlajar.

Bila fikir balik, kalau aku tak study, mungkin aku tinggal dengan mak ayah kat kampung.
Cuma sebab jalan asyik jam je, aku pun pindah supaya duduk dekat dgn tempat kerja. Balik rumah tak letih sangat, boleh tumpukan perhatian lebih.
Kalau aku di kampung, banyak je benda aku boleh buat.
Kacau adik-adik (yang moody dan yang happy), picit kaki mak, borak dengan ayah, lepak rumah jiran (baca: makcik)..macam-macam jugak.

Dah jauh aku tersasar.
Sebenarnya aku nak cerita pasal rumah.
Tapi sekarang, nampaknya hidup aku berkisar kepada belajar/kerja je kan?
Mungkin lebih baik daripada saban hari menghabiskan masa cari hiburan.

Memang best sebenarnya duduk rumah sendiri bila dah kerja, walaupun rumah sewa.
Boleh study dengan agak aman walaupun sedih sebab kena berjimat-cermat lebih daripada biasa.
Tapi hidup ni penuh makna.

Hujung minggu, balik kampung.

Berangan Masa Lalulintas Sesak

Written on 24th January 2011 @ 1744hrs

Dalam kereta tengah jam sempat berangan sambil nyanyi lagu Siti Nurhaliza sambil tulis blog.

Tujuh minit.

Dulu pernah fikir, dah jadi specialist nanti nak tukar kereta apa?
Tau kata belilah Audi.
Aku fikir, personaliti aku memang macam Audi A4 sikit.

Lepas tu dia kata, BMW pun tak mahal dah sekarang ni.
Tapi, aku fikir2, aku ni kan humble. Taknakla kereta besar sangat, nanti riak.

Jadi baru-baru ni aku fikir, mungkin kereta Toyota yang “rendah diri” (humble) untuk menggantikan Saga aku yang, masa tu, mungkin dah lebih 3 tahun.
Tak pakai banyak minyak.
Tak rasa macam banyak duit.
Boleh beli satu lagi kereta untuk mak dengan duit lebih tu.

Ni semua sebab aku nampak kereta peugeot depan aku.
* * *
Tambahan selepas sampai tempat letak kereta rumah aku:

Ni konon-konon tulis gaya Redza Minhat bila dia tulis blog dia dalam Bahasa Melayu. Ini semua sebab baru tahu yang aku terlepas forum dia kat KL Pac semalam. Kecewa! 😦

That Hug

Written on 21st January 2011 @ 0041hrs

I was watching you

You’re pretty, so lovely
Your gentle care for you ill mother; you melt my heart

And you know it

Now she’s passed on
Your heart broken into pieces
Some pieces will be lost forever

Then you came to me
You gave me that hug
And I gave you a shoulder to cry on

It’s a heart-breaking cry, my dear

I’m sorry for your loss
I’m sorry if nothing’s perfect
We could have done more
We wished we knew more

But we tried to do whatever we could
To help
To care
To comfort

I do hope and pray, my dear
That life will go on well for you
That God will help you all the way
The way you were
To your beloved mother

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