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Ten Years In Service

Ten years ago today, I started working as a doctor.  Ten years of service, the biggest lesson I learnt is, the greatest regret a person could feel in his life is because he was not good enough to his parents.... Continue Reading →

Selamat Hari Jururawat

Doktor dan jururawat bagai isi dengan kuku. Tak boleh dipisahkan. * * * "Doktor, cepat-cepatlah pass exam. Buat baik-baik. Nanti lagi ramai doktor pakar." "Takpelah, doktor, saya ni umur dah 37 baru kahwin, sekarang ni mengandung. Tengok macam akak yang... Continue Reading →

Kanser Tahap 4

"Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia kerugian." Saya telah bekerja selama hampir empat tahun di wad pesakit kanser tahap 4, yang mana hampir semuanya meninggal dunia dalam masa setahun. Saya telah berjumpa dengan sekurang-kurangnya 400 orang pesakit sepanjang bekerja di wad tersebut,... Continue Reading →

The Doctor’s Advice

When the doctor tells you to quit smoking, It's up to you to follow his advice. If you do not, you might or might not suffer the consequences. It's your choice. When the doctor tells you to lose that extra... Continue Reading →

They Were Upset and I Wondered Why

As with other doctors, I am no stranger to taking exams upon exams, some more difficult than the others, at times passing, but sometimes not making it through. With that, my colleagues, senior colleagues and mentors would know my results,... Continue Reading →


Disclaimer: this is a story about my time spent with neurologists, and only a little bit about neurology as a field. One of the reasons I asked to be transferred to the current hospital I'm working in is I wanted... Continue Reading →

Your Health, Your Choice

You see, When us, doctors, advice people not to smoke, they mock us and say "oh, my father smoked for 50 years and he had cancer only after he quit smoking." When we advice them to control their sugar, they... Continue Reading →

Of House Officers and Hard Work

Reading the grumblings of house officers and reply letters from medical officers, registrars, specialists and even the Director General of Health Ministry made me look back at my own experience during housemanship. It brought about some really great memories throughout... Continue Reading →

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