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Basically the title doesn’t have anything to do with the contents.

We Are A Team In Love

In my dreams, we will be busy.  Busy working, busy fighting. For truth, for justice. We will fight for the cities - to be clean, to be civil, to be prosperous. We will fight for the environment, and will be... Continue Reading →


Because of a Cat

Maria Elena

"Do you have a sister?" they would ask. I'd wonder, they can't be talking about my own sister, because she doesn't resemble me that much, and she's much younger than me or anyone who asked that question. So I'd say,... Continue Reading →

Pantun Sutera dan Songket

Pabila mendung awan kelabu, Turunlah hujan guruh mendatang; Pabila gandum disulam tebu, Itulah manisan untuk dihidang. Tubuh layu hatiku gundah, Tidak berdaya mendendang inang; Buah nyiur diparut sudah, Tinggal ditambah si batang pinang. Bahtera sultan menongkah lalu, Zapin dan joget... Continue Reading →

The Baggage

A few months ago I saw someone posted on facebook a photo of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim with his wife, Datin Seri Wan Azizah, and their three youngest daughters. It was a beautiful photo, and many men commented about how... Continue Reading →

A Train of Thoughts

I have so much to write about! So much! The palm oil estate experience - written, but not typed in The strong ladies, are you worth it? After seeing Wan Azizah's tears, I was reminded of so many strong ladies... Continue Reading →


For some reason I don't feel at ease with myself lately. My posts/comments recently have either been too preachy or too loud. Or angry. People do say "practice what you preach". And obviously I need a lot of reminders...hmmm... But... Continue Reading →

Berangan Masa Lalulintas Sesak

Written on 24th January 2011 @ 1744hrs Dalam kereta tengah jam sempat berangan sambil nyanyi lagu Siti Nurhaliza sambil tulis blog. Tujuh minit. Dulu pernah fikir, dah jadi specialist nanti nak tukar kereta apa? Tau kata belilah Audi. Aku fikir,... Continue Reading →

Pretty Girl Meets Cute Guy

Pretty girl meets cute guy.   Pretty girl asked him about his job. He told her about his job.   She asked him about his hobbies. He talked at length about his wonderful hobbies. She listened with wide eyes.  ... Continue Reading →

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