From My Heart


November 2014

Hearts of Gold

I'm not finished with M Nasir (and Kembara) yet. * * * Like I said, his music is a mixture of literature, philosophy and some spirituality. Although I grew up with Kembara's music, especially during childhood, I am more familiar... Continue Reading →


Kembara with M Nasir

Kembara's (and M Nasir's) music happens when you mix music with literature, philosophy and some spirituality. Nobody makes music like that anymore. * * * I had the opportunity to attend Kembara's Hati Emas concert last night. It's a band... Continue Reading →

Do No Harm by Henry Marsh – From My Perception

"Doctors are human, just like the rest of us. Much of what happens in hospitals is a matter of luck, both good and bad; success and failure are often out of the doctor's control. Knowing when not to operate is... Continue Reading →

Another Train of Thoughts

On 8th of March (I think I was post call), I made a list of things I wanted to write about. Let's see how many I have done, and how many topics am I adding on now. * * *... Continue Reading →

Daughter by Jane Shemilt – A Book Review

A house officer in my ward has been limping for two days, and I did not even ask him why. My excuse: we had two very busy days and nights. It somehow reminds me that I have yet to write... Continue Reading →

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