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A Friend As It Is

"Hubungan dua orang tu gak gampang ya. Walaupun udah cocok, udah saling kenal, tapi kayaknya itu aja gak cukup." "Jadi kurang apa?" "Ya maksudnya, nyaman aja gak cukup. They need to share the same dream, they need to want the... Continue Reading →


People First

"How can I be concerned for the people if I do not suffer what they suffer?" said Umar Al Khattab RA. This is a book about Umar Al Khattab, one of Islam's greatest leader after the death of Prophet Muhammad... Continue Reading →

Take Care

When someone tells you, "I'm lonely," don't dismiss it and don't tell her, "If you have God, you shouldn't feel lonely."Because if human beings don't need each other, Allah wouldn't have taught us to be kind to our parents, Prophet... Continue Reading →

Military or Poverty

"I thought about the starving children in Indonesia, in India, Africa and many other places. In this continent, corns are left to rot, while at other places children are scouting for things to eat. Then I thought about Vietnam, the... Continue Reading →

Harapan Untuk Jakarta

Dear Jakarta,Saya telah ke Jakarta buat pertama kalinya pada tanggal 12 Maret 2017. Saya harus akui bahawa saya seolah-olah jatuh cinta pandang pertama dengan kota penuh bersejarah ini.┬áSebelum mampir ke Jakarta, pastinya saya telah membaca buku-buku dan panduan di internet... Continue Reading →

Mendalami Jiwa Seorang Gie

Malam ini aku dapat mendalami melankoli kehidupan seorang Soe Hok Gie. Penuh pengharapan bahawa pemimpin negara yang dilihat semakin menekan bangsanya sendiri agar digantikan dengan seorang pemimpin yang adil dan bertanggungjawab. Pergantian itu akhirnya berlaku tetapi keadilan yang diimpikan tidak... Continue Reading →

What’s With Love and Politics

"Saya senantiasa ikut Pemilu," he said."Kamu pilih siapa?" she responded.He smiled. A meaningful smile.She smiled back."Kiranya kita memilih yang sama ya?"They still smiled at each other."Kecewa?" he asked.For some reason, I feel that this is the sweetest conversation in the... Continue Reading →

From Mecca to Jakarta (With Sweet Dreams and Poetry In Between)

"Dicari karya Chairil Anwar tapi gak ada. Langsung dibaca perjalanan hidupnya dulu." Since I had two cups of coffee today (and the latest was at 8pm ­čś░), I gave myself the rights to ramble. Hahah. (1) One of my few... Continue Reading →

Food and Greed – Because Every Single Tree Matters

More than a year ago, the East Coast experienced a disaster - a big flood which was bigger than it usually was. And recently our country went through a bad haze, a man-made disaster. Both events had people blaming one... Continue Reading →

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