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People First

"How can I be concerned for the people if I do not suffer what they suffer?" said Umar Al Khattab RA. This is a book about Umar Al Khattab, one of Islam's greatest leader after the death of Prophet Muhammad... Continue Reading →


The Roadside Booksellers of Jakarta

I did not go to Jakarta to shop, but I thought, if I were to buy anything, I would buy a few books by Hamka, Soe Hok Gie or Chairil Anwar. I absolutely love Hamka, I fell in love with... Continue Reading →

My Reading List – Part 2

1. Lyrebird by Cecelia Ahern This is a story about a beautiful yet mysterious young woman who lives alone in the hills near Cork, with a special talent of mimicry matching that of a lyrebird. The story moves with the... Continue Reading →

The Melody

There are songs When you listen You feel like singing along But you just could not do it Because the music is too beautiful   You need to listen intently To the melodious quiver of the violin To every strike... Continue Reading →

Picture Perfect

Some moments are just picture perfect. But a lot of times, I'd rather live in those moments. * * * I love photography. I really do. I inherited this love from my uncles (and even perhaps my dad). My favourite... Continue Reading →

Prophetic Parenting – A Book Review

This is a book written by Dr Nur Muhammad Abdul Hafizh Suwaid, originally in Arabic titled "Manhaj at-Tarbiyyah an-Nabawiyyah lith Thifl". It was written in 1983, and translated into formal Indonesian in 2010 that is rather easy to understand, except... Continue Reading →

Hearts of Gold

I'm not finished with M Nasir (and Kembara) yet. * * * Like I said, his music is a mixture of literature, philosophy and some spirituality. Although I grew up with Kembara's music, especially during childhood, I am more familiar... Continue Reading →

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