From My Heart


June 2014


1. You could sleep while standing. 2. You feel numb. Well, that means you can't really feel. Just seeing things around but not responding appropriately, or sometimes not at all. 3. Euphoria. That initial nice feeling when you see the... Continue Reading →


Why Am I Still Alive

Two months back I was unwell, unwell for longer than I ever have been. I recovered after almost two weeks, but it took me almost one month to be back to my usual self. I came back to work after... Continue Reading →

Bullying? What Bullying?

Recently someone wrote in Malaysiakini, asking us to stop bullying junior doctors. Wait a minute. Bullying? What bullying? A quick look at tells us that a bully is a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller... Continue Reading →

Lesson of the Day

We might be strong now Standing straight and walking briskly Going around getting things done But one day We may just fall ill and meet our demise That big tough built no more Just lying flat on the bed We... Continue Reading →

You, You, and You Too

It's been a year since you left You, you and you Did I survive? Well...depends on what you define as having survived. Did my life change? I'm still here. What have we done this past one year? Me and you,... Continue Reading →

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