From My Heart


April 2014

After the Rain

After the rain, the world is more beautiful. The grass is greener. Fresh and new. The fog blankets the world, and then it lifts, slowly. The skies would clear up, bright and blue. The sun shines brightly, spreading its warmth.... Continue Reading →


Dulu Tak Mahu Belajar

Dulu masa sekolah taknak belajar fizik Katanya susah, tak mampu Sekarang bukan main kuat bercakap soal satelit, soal ultrasound, soal radar. "Kalau iPhone hilang pun boleh cari, kenapa kapal terbang yang besar tu tak boleh jumpa?" katanya. Dulu masuk kolej... Continue Reading →

I Love You Mama and Papa

Of all the joys in life, the ones that we really need to be thankful for, no matter what, are our parents. Even more if they live to reach old age, if they have seen us graduate, get married, and... Continue Reading →

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