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January 2018

My Reading List – Part 10: Lost Islamic History

This book was written by Firas Al Khateeb. This is a great book as an introduction to the history of Islamic expansion, empires and their fall later on. There are thousands of history books written on each of the subtopics... Continue Reading →


My Road Trips – Part 1: Batu Arang, Sekinchan, Sungai Besar

December 21st, 2017. Breakfast at Batu Arang. For more information about this little town, click on this link: Batu Arang Heritage Town Snacking on grilled mentarang (some kind of clam) bought in Sekinchan. Stopped by at a chalet at Sungai... Continue Reading →

With Hardship Comes Ease: Khutbah from Sheikh Yasir Qadhi

"Does God really love me?" "If He loves me, why am I facing so much difficulties?" "Has God abandoned me?" People ask these questions all the time. Some ask these questions to the extent of doubting His existence. In the... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Zulrqarnain for Doctors

Reading surah Al Kahf, the story that would touch my heart every Friday is the story of Prophet Musa AS, where he met three groups of people who suffered losses in different ways. However today I realized that these ayat... Continue Reading →

My Reading List – Part 9: ‘Umar ibn Al Khattab, His Life & Times (Volume 1)

The most appropriate description for Saidina Umar Al Khattab RA is: phenomenal. From Sahih Al Bukhari: According to Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, the Arabic word 'abqary means phenomenal, extraordinary. As we learn more about this man, and compare to any other... Continue Reading →

My Reading List – Part 8: Revive Your Heart

I first saw this book on Dakwah Corner Bookstore's Facebook Page. Couldn't get my hands on it until a few months after that. I did not know what the book was about, but since it was by brother Nouman, I... Continue Reading →

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