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All about my grandparents. Embah is a Javanese word that means grandparent. Embah wedhok means grandmother (wedhok means lady) and embah lanang means grandfather (lanang means man).


I was sitting alone at Central Station sipping my cappuccino slowly when I saw an elderly man holding a pink back pack on one hand, and the other hand holding his granddaughter's hand. She's probably about five year old. They... Continue Reading →


I Love You Mama and Papa

Of all the joys in life, the ones that we really need to be thankful for, no matter what, are our parents. Even more if they live to reach old age, if they have seen us graduate, get married, and... Continue Reading →

It’s A Beautiful Life

I heard this story three times on Saturday, from different people and different perspectives; but it's still a lovely story altogether. In the late 70s, my uncle Mohlis worked as a ship engineer. He used to be away from home... Continue Reading →

Doctors, Death and Grandpa

They say that doctors don’t feel anything anymore when their patients pass away. It’s not true.   They say palliative medicine is easy. “Do nothing.” Absolutely not true.   It’s not easy.  Sure, we go on with our lives after... Continue Reading →

A Glimpse of Grandma and Grandpa

There was an elderly man Wearing white jubah With red checkered serban Riding his bike to the mosque   My grandpa's successor   There was a lady Fair and pretty Her eyes small Beautiful, sharp nose Freckled skin   My... Continue Reading →

My Uncle Razak

My uncle Razak is my dad's cousin. We call him Cik Razak, because his father is my grandmother's younger brother (if his father is my grandma's ELDER brother, he'd be called Wak Razak). I met him only on two occassions... Continue Reading →

Dear Cousins

Written on 17th September 2010 Embah Pandi passed away that morning. * * * Dear cousins, Let us promise each other something. Let's all take care of our parents, each other's parents. They are not old now, but they are... Continue Reading →

My Gentle Grandpa

Listening to the Quranic readings from the radio reminded me of one person. My grandpa. I remember those days when we used to go to the mosque for tarawih, and he's the imam. His gentle voice ringing through the air.... Continue Reading →

My Grandmother’s Determination

Story by proxy (Wak Mohlis). My grandparents used to live in Meru (about 7.5 miles from Klang) when their family was smaller. In 1968 they moved to Bukit Kapar (10 miles from Klang). My grandmother still had her rubber farm... Continue Reading →

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