Story by proxy (Wak Mohlis).

My grandparents used to live in Meru (about 7.5 miles from Klang) when their family was smaller. In 1968 they moved to Bukit Kapar (10 miles from Klang). My grandmother still had her rubber farm in Meru. So when they moved to Bukit Kapar she needed to go down to the farm to tap rubber, plus my aunt Cik Uzi was still in school in SK Sg Binjai, Meru.

One day she asked my uncles to clear up a path which would surround the house. She wanted to learn to ride a bicycle.

Not many women those days were able to ride a bicycle. But she was determined to learn. She needed to help out feeding 10 growing children, also sending Cik Uzi (her first daughter after 5 sons) to school.

Hence my uncles made that path for her.

There she was, each evening after maghrib, under the bright moonlight, trying to cycle with the help of her sons. Round and round she went, not without falling, of course. Several banana trees were hit and, shall I say, savaged, sacrificed, in her learning process of riding a bicycle.

In less than 10 days, she succeeded.

She started to cycle from Bkt Kapar to Meru – to work, and to send/fetch Cik Uzi to/from school.

That’s my grandmother, with her courage and determination.