Of all the joys in life, the ones that we really need to be thankful for, no matter what, are our parents.

Even more if they live to reach old age, if they have seen us graduate, get married, and felt how it is to be grandparents.

It gets more challenging when they get older, with health dwindling, movements slower, not too keen to listen to children’s advice about their health…but then again, those were the things they had to face when we were young.

Let’s care for them as much as we can.

Let’s show them our love and gratefulness.

Before it’s too late.
For there’s no greater regret in this life, than regret of not doing enough for our parents.

There are no greater gifts in life than the gift of our parents.

* * *
I’ve just watched a Thai advertisement about a deaf father and his daughter who wanted a different father, a father who is not deaf.
It is so deep that it touched my heart to the core.

Everyone should watch it.

* * *

Quite often, I bring lunch from home. Usually they are my own cooked/prepared food. But sometimes it’s something my mom or dad made for us.

I’d feel very sad if something happened to the food that they prepared for me; if I didn’t get to eat them, or they’re spoilt, or simply went missing. It rarely happened, but it could. Because I’d vividly see their faces when they were packing the food for me that morning.

That love on their faces.

I remember once my grandmother made some fried rice in the morning and packed some for my then-single uncle. My uncle was so busy that afternoon, he did not get to eat them.

Late that afternoon, my grandmother passed away.

That night I saw my uncle staring into the container, still filled with the fried rice his mother cooked that morning.

* * *

I have a confesssion to make.

Once, a few years ago, I asked Dato in an email, “I feel like my father is too proud of me, and I don’t think I deserve that pride. Why is my father so proud of me?”

He said, “All fathers are proud of their daughters, Maria. You know I’m proud of mine.”

* * *