Written on 17th September 2010

Embah Pandi passed away that morning.

* * *

Dear cousins,

Let us promise each other something.

Let’s all take care of our parents, each other’s parents.

They are not old now, but they are approaching that age.

Some of them have one or a few grandchildren already.

We love them like we love our own parents. Our aunts and uncles, they are.

They don’t have many children, not like our embah lanang and embah wedhok.

We have, on average, maybe 3-4 siblings.

When they are sick, when they need help, we might not be immediately available.

So let’s promise ourselves, promise each other.

Ask for help if we’re in need.

There’s only a number of us in a small family

But in a total our number has reached 40.

And the number has not stopped growing.

So with of the 40 of us, should any of our parents be lonely?

Should they lie down being ill alone?

Should they die alone?

I have seen too many old people die alone.

I have seen too many old men cry for loneliness. With anguish and distress.

Let’s not allow that to happen to our parents.

If you need help, call any of us.

Just about any of us.

You might find one of us available.

Our parents may have done some mistakes in their lives.

We may have done some mistakes in our lives.

We all may have hurt each other a lot.

But let’s forgive each other.

How long must we hold that grudge.

And let’s not be judgemental.

Especially not to each other.

Embah lanang was always gentle and loving to all of us.

And embah wedhok’s love and care is just endless.

So dear beloved cousins,

Let us strengthen this love between us.

We meet each other at least once a month, just to keep this bond.

Never should we break it.

Let us throw away all the hate and spite.

Because it’s not worth it.

Let’s make the world a better place for each other.

Nobody should feel lonely.

Because there’s so many of us.


Kakak Maya.