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August 2009

My Grandmother’s Beauty Tips

My grandmother is a beautiful lady. Charming, graceful Javanese lady. If we were to stand side by side, and at the same age, I'd be pale in comparison. My grandmother with her fair skin, great complexion, a sharp nose that... Continue Reading →



I know, it's crazy I feel like a 16 year-old again I wanna see you everyday But I haven't seen you for two months now, I think Wanna hear your voice Wanna talk to you like adults Crazy, one might... Continue Reading →

At Least….or…Really?

We've always said, "Terrible traffic!" The response is, "Well, at least you have somewhere to go to." We've always said, "I dread Mondays...I hate going to work!" The response is, "At least you have a job!" "My car is so... Continue Reading →

The Soundtrack of My Life

I haven’t written one note/blog for quite some time. It’s been a busy week or two. So this is it, while waiting for my brother to fetch me. The soundrack of my life. Yuna’s Dan Sebenarnya Reminds me of Auckland... Continue Reading →

Reverie in Te Wahi

I have heard, but had never personally felt that nature has a power to bring peace and humbleness to the human mind. I was sitting on top of the cliff near Te Wahi in Cape Reinga. The Tasman Sea in... Continue Reading →

It’s All About Balance

In Islamic teaching, siratul mustaqim is a bridge, size of a seventh of a strand of hair. In the akhirat (hereafter), you'll need to cross it in order to get to the syurga (paradise). If you can't balance on it... Continue Reading →

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