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With Hardship Comes Ease: Khutbah from Sheikh Yasir Qadhi

"Does God really love me?" "If He loves me, why am I facing so much difficulties?" "Has God abandoned me?" People ask these questions all the time. Some ask these questions to the extent of doubting His existence. In the... Continue Reading →


Lessons from Zulrqarnain for Doctors

Reading surah Al Kahf, the story that would touch my heart every Friday is the story of Prophet Musa AS, where he met three groups of people who suffered losses in different ways. However today I realized that these ayat... Continue Reading →

My Reading List – Part 9: ‘Umar ibn Al Khattab, His Life & Times (Volume 1)

The most appropriate description for Saidina Umar Al Khattab RA is: phenomenal. From Sahih Al Bukhari: According to Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, the Arabic word 'abqary means phenomenal, extraordinary. As we learn more about this man, and compare to any other... Continue Reading →

My Reading List – Part 8: Revive Your Heart

I first saw this book on Dakwah Corner Bookstore's Facebook Page. Couldn't get my hands on it until a few months after that. I did not know what the book was about, but since it was by brother Nouman, I... Continue Reading →

Five Things You’re Thankful For

My cousin taught me this: everyday, you should list at least five things that you're thankful for, so that you will be a happier person. As Muslims we are taught so say this prayer everytime we wake up: "All praise... Continue Reading →

Praying for Ease – A Doctor’s Perspective

During sister Yasmin Mogahed's talk, A Sacred Conversation, recently, she spoke about praying for ease. It doesn't mean our lives will be void of challenges but it makes the tests easier to face. As doctors, one of our biggest horrors... Continue Reading →

Sunrise in the Desert

In November, I had the opportunity to witness the sunrise in the desert, which is something that I think should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. There was a story behind this visit, but let me show you... Continue Reading →

The Inspiring Family

The details of this encounter and the family has been changed to protect the privacy of the family. We went to Sharjah for lunch with a friend of my aunt. They were originally from Palestine, and the father has worked... Continue Reading →

How to be Single, Happily

(1) Remember the purpose of this life, which is to worship Allah. There are two ways to worship Allah, and both are important: with specific rituals prescribed in the Quran and sunnah, and to be kind to all creation around... Continue Reading →

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