From My Heart


July 2010

My Dream Home

Written on 22nd July 2010 @ 2016hrs My dream house Must be a bungalow on a flat land. Or maybe on the hills. Large compound, with green fields all around. At the end of the green fields, there'd be tall... Continue Reading →


A Small Smile

Written on 18th July 2010 @ 2343hrs She sits there alone in her room. Sometimes with her maid. She'd be tying to catch some breath. Sometimes she's comfortable. Food half touched in the tray. Her hair parted into two, and... Continue Reading →

The Meaning of Life

Written on 10th of July 2010 @ 0211hrs "Maybe their role in life now is make US do something for them..." It would be a humongous loss if one cares for patients at the end of life and never learn... Continue Reading →

Football Means Family

Written on 12th July 2010 @ 2237hrs It's over, and I'm starting to miss it. The celebrations. The cheer. The chats. Late nights. And disappointments too. They asked why would a girl be interested in watching football, or "twenty-two men... Continue Reading →

I Do Hope You Would Understand

It's disheartening, really, to see how many people actually don't have anyone to care for the when they're sick. Even when they have raised ten children. At the same time it is nice to see young women and men around... Continue Reading →

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