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September 2009

The Durian Matter

My uncles and aunts were discussing about the durian trees that decided to bear numerous, bountiful fruits this year. How do we finish ALL those durians and I'm telling you, it's A LOT! Really. Thence came out this issue. The... Continue Reading →



Travelling alone to and from work made my mind wander. Sitting alone making ketupat made me think, or dream. All sorts of things. I have a lot to write about. In fact I have written them up in my blog.... Continue Reading →

Humble Existence

Talking to elderly people actually changes your perspectives. Eid is the best time for visiting family members. I've always loved following my parents to my granduncle/aunties houses - they are always the source of my inspiration, I could always trace... Continue Reading →

Lembu Gedhi, Ayuuuu Banget

Parental guidance may be necessary. This story was told by my dear waks (uncles) - Idris and Mohlis. When my father was 3, my grandmother had a cow. It is huuuge (gedhi is huge in Javanese), and it's beautiful with... Continue Reading →

Pushing Factors, and Thank You Very Much

I started writing blogs when I was in medical school, when I was back here in Penang, I think. Or during the last year I was in Dublin. Surprisingly I can't remember when. And even why. (OK, now I've checked... Continue Reading →

Eid Mubarak – Something Special For All of You

Sadly Ramadhan has come towards its end. We have another few hours. Shall I say that it's a bittersweet celebration with happiness that we have, hopefully, successfully reached the end, and sad with the fact that this holy, peaceful, meaningful... Continue Reading →

Ramadhan Confessions

What are the most challenging issues along this month that you've faced? On a scale of one to ten, with zero being no stress at all, ten being the most stressful that you want to jump out of the building,... Continue Reading →

Eid Rendezvous – Fond Childhood Memories

Celebrating Eid in a big family is always more delightful. My father has ten siblings, and when I was young many of them were already married, and have little kids. We used to live far away from grandpa's place. In... Continue Reading →

Confessions of an Ex-Facebook Addict

At one point I actually got sick of myself for posting one status a day in Facebook. Felt like an addict. I tried to stop for a while, but I can't. Because this is where I 'meet up' with my... Continue Reading →

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