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December 2014

Khadija by Resit Haylamaz – A Book Review

When I excitedly ordered this book, I already had four books to finish (by now I have already read three of them; the last one is a leisure read so it's ok to slow down and indulge). I can't even... Continue Reading →


Miracles of the Quran: A Short Commentary of a Documentary

I was interested on what this man has to say about the Muslim scientists of the past. I'd say that this is an interesting documentary. I stayed watching for the whole hour. Of course, when secular thoughts try to study... Continue Reading →

Of House Officers and Hard Work

Reading the grumblings of house officers and reply letters from medical officers, registrars, specialists and even the Director General of Health Ministry made me look back at my own experience during housemanship. It brought about some really great memories throughout... Continue Reading →

Early Morning Finds

Today is the first time I went to the Big Bad Wolf book sale. I have heard about it all this while, and almost all of the cheap books that I saw brought back were old books. However this year... Continue Reading →

True Love

There are three things that I wanted most in this life. Within 18 hours of this day, it has proven that none of them is getting nearer, and tonight, two of them seem to be getting further away from being... Continue Reading →

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