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It’s about what my family is up to, eg our outings and recent activities.

Kluang Train Station

I was in Kluang a few weeks back. We stopped by at Stesen Keretapi Kluang for a late breakfast. I was in the bathroom when a train arrived. It felt like the whole building was shaken because of the train.... Continue Reading →


Yes, We Will

Feeling overwhelmingly emotional tonight. I don't know how many times I would put this photo up in my blog, but I guess at least until I finally pass this exam. I know it symbolises something. A few things, in fact.... Continue Reading →

The Birds

It is nice to wake up to the singing of the birds. They chirp away so happily, you can't help feeling the joy. The songs they sing are so cheerful, your steps would skip with them. They hop around cheerfully... Continue Reading →

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

They said a picture says a thousand words. I don't plan to write a thousand words on this picture, but I certainly have a lot to talk about it. * * * I left work early yesterday, so I stopped... Continue Reading →


July 2007. It was supposed to be one of the happiest days in my life. Indeed I was happy. There were so many loved ones around, all feeling festive and excited. Cik Fuah was doing what she has always done,... Continue Reading →

Almost There

I don't know why, this image of a college in London has become one of the motivating factors in my struggle to pass this exam. Let me recall... I decided to pay that college a visit, since a close friend... Continue Reading →


Today in the afternoon I sat in the library, as usual, trying to study. Monday was a productive day, Tuesday was alright, but I lost all focus. Maybe it was the mediocre scrambled egg set I had in the... Continue Reading →

The Sacrifice

Today my father made me cry. The day started early. We sent our (little) sister Nadia to the airport as she's flying back to wherever she's studying. That was quite early in the morning. Then we went for roti canai,... Continue Reading →

Apple Pies and I

First let me put down the recipe. I made a few apple pies before and this one is unlike the ones I made. Apparently this recipe has won the cooks many awards, so. Decided to give it a try. I... Continue Reading →

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