From My Heart


August 2014

We Were Supposed To…

Those trips that never happened. We were supposed to go around the country Driving through the old roads Stopping in small towns, discovering new things Maybe go into the national park Or Tasik Kenyir We were supposed to go to... Continue Reading →



Today in the afternoon I sat in the library, as usual, trying to study. Monday was a productive day, Tuesday was alright, but I lost all focus. Maybe it was the mediocre scrambled egg set I had in the... Continue Reading →

Religious Intolerance

We are all in need of a little more respect for each other. * * * First let me explain a few things. Azan is a call to prayer that is done five times a day, according to the five... Continue Reading →

The Sacrifice

Today my father made me cry. The day started early. We sent our (little) sister Nadia to the airport as she's flying back to wherever she's studying. That was quite early in the morning. Then we went for roti canai,... Continue Reading →

Maria Elena

"Do you have a sister?" they would ask. I'd wonder, they can't be talking about my own sister, because she doesn't resemble me that much, and she's much younger than me or anyone who asked that question. So I'd say,... Continue Reading →

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