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November 2010

A Glimpse of Grandma and Grandpa

There was an elderly man Wearing white jubah With red checkered serban Riding his bike to the mosque   My grandpa's successor   There was a lady Fair and pretty Her eyes small Beautiful, sharp nose Freckled skin   My... Continue Reading →


Frank Sinatra

Sunday, September 26th 2010. 2047hrs.   Call me old, but I love Frank Sinatra. I don't know when exactly did I fall in love with him, but my dad said I've loved the song "New York, New York" since I... Continue Reading →

World Filled With Love (Part 1) – The Telephone Conversation

Friday, September 24th 2010. 0114hrs.   World Filled With Love - a series of inspiring stories, small or big, short or long, in my life. * * * "I'm going back to Selayang today. I'm not staying over in Klang... Continue Reading →

Immortal Imprint

Thursday, November 4th 2010. 2242hrs. The probe was on. She looked on the screen. He stood on her side. It was empty. The probe can't find it. They looked again. Some fuzzy shadows. He held her right hand. Tight. She... Continue Reading →

What Do You Mean, One Malaysia?

Thursday, November 4th 2010, 0009hrs.   I don't read newspapers, or watch the 8pm news.   I don't know what actually One Malaysia means. Really I don't. And I really don't like the way some people say "Salam Satu Malaysia"... Continue Reading →


Tuesday, November 2nd 2010, 2025hrs.   Last week I went to watch part of the Short and Sweet short play festival. Twice. Yes, twice. My brother said me and my cousin get obsessed easily, but that's another story.   Anyway.... Continue Reading →

Doa Yang Sering Kita Lupa

Monday, November 1st 2010. 2037hrs.   Mungkin orang lain tak lupa. Tapi kadang-kadang saya lupa.   Hmmm...selalu jugak lupa sebenarnya.   Tiap-tiap hari kita doa lepas solat. Sebelum makan. Selepas makan. Keluar rumah. Macam-macam lagi. Ada bahasa Arab. Ada bahasa... Continue Reading →

One Step Further and Flashes of My Life

Tuesday, October 21st 2010. 0019hrs. * * * 0530hrs. Tuesday 19th October 2010.   Flashes of my life one month ago.   Mom on her prayer rug. Me on the table. With my laptop and a box of tissues. My... Continue Reading →


Monday, October 11th 2010. 1815hrs.   "Speak now or forever hold your peace."   A wedding day is a happy day, a day to celebrate the love of two people. A day to wish and to pray that the couple... Continue Reading →

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