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September 2010

My Uncle Razak

My uncle Razak is my dad's cousin. We call him Cik Razak, because his father is my grandmother's younger brother (if his father is my grandma's ELDER brother, he'd be called Wak Razak). I met him only on two occassions... Continue Reading →


Dear Cousins

Written on 17th September 2010 Embah Pandi passed away that morning. * * * Dear cousins, Let us promise each other something. Let's all take care of our parents, each other's parents. They are not old now, but they are... Continue Reading →

Post-exam Projects

Written on 15th September 2010 I have so many things in mind.... 1. To print out all my blogs nicely and compile them into a book that can expand. That will need a printer and maybe the help of Martha... Continue Reading →

Meaningful Eid

Written on 14th September 2010 Before Eid everybody started talking about the Eid "feel". "It doesn't feel like Eid is coming," one would say. "Why does it feel like there's not going to be any festivities soon?" another person would... Continue Reading →

Eid Mubarak part 3 – Peace, Love, Friendship

Written on 7th September 2010 As one life leaves us, one lesson is learnt. Tonight a 21-year-old girl lost her father. And it is another 3 days to Eid. Now she has no one left. This month a few of... Continue Reading →


Written on 2nd September 2010 I have not started my revision tonight, but I'm beginning to talk nonsense. I have a good reason. I've been up since 5am and been working since 6.45am today, until 6.45pm. Tough day, busy day,... Continue Reading →

The Blissful Emptiness

Written on 30th August 2010 Ramadhan has always brought me this feeling. This feeling of emptiness. How do I describe it. It's like my soul is hollow. When you talk into my soul, there would be echoes. It's like my... Continue Reading →

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