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December 2009

My Sweet Life in Terengganu

This is another old blog of mine, written in September 2006. * * * "Ma, kan best kalau Penang Medical College tu sebenarnya Terengganu Medical College?" "Terengganu is a very nice place. I didn’t want to come back to Penang.... Continue Reading →


This Rain

This rain It brought upon Both melancholy and hope Heartbreak and love Tap tap on the window pane Dark clouds looming over And the sun tried to peek This rain Brought both misery and anticipation Of the past and the... Continue Reading →


Background music: Cun Saja by Sleeq Lately I have been reminded of the city Manchester I visited in March 2001. My brother and I went there after our 10-day tour to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. We arrived by bus... Continue Reading →

The Smile and the Subconscious Mind

I was really down at that time. Half the night I was crying on my aunt's shoulder. The next day I saw this stranger with a toothy smile. The smile was so familiar. I thought it reminded me of him.... Continue Reading →

In Loving Memory of our Grandmother

This is an old blog of mine, written on the 16th of August 2005: 3 days ago it has been one year since my dear grandmother passed away… I still remember the day vividly. The smell, the light, the feeling…... Continue Reading →

Ghareeb 4: Of Enlightenment Rounds, Funny Feelings and Diamond Rings

Everybody knows I hate working on weekends. I would wake up wondering how long I would take to finish my rounds. However as soon as I reach the wards, I realised that as I'm here to work, I might as... Continue Reading →

Empathy of the Doctors: Confessions of a Palliative Care MO 2

A few months ago a colleague asked me, why do palliative care people need to counsel patients that much? I said, "Yeah, we need to tell them what to expect. It's not easy to prepare someone for the worst. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Penang Again

I woke up on Sunday morning having partly forgotten the foul mood I was in the day before. I actually had the spirit to pack my things quickly and get ready for my journey alone to Penang. As I started... Continue Reading →

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