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November 2009

Eid Mubarak 2

Eid started off a bit rocky this time around. By maghrib 26/11/09 I was still in the ward, alone, having a lot to do still. One patient just came from another hospital, a lot of necessary information missing from the... Continue Reading →


Denial. Loss. Sadness.

It's going to be a very sad night for some....very very sad... I'd be lying if I said that I've never experienced a loss. This year I've been on multiple roller coaster rides, and although it's no fun, but it's... Continue Reading →

Nasi banyak lemak dan minyak

1 kg beras basmathi, rendam 1/2 jam dan sejatkan 1 tin kecil minyak sapi (ghee) 1 tin susu sejat (susu cair pun ok) 3 biji bawang besar, dihiris halus 5 ulas bawang merah* 5 ulas bawang putih* 2 inci halia*(*dikisar... Continue Reading →

Good Bye, My Hero

I hope it's not too early to say goodbye. Because she's still here. She's there with me all the time I was in Penang. We went to Batu Feringghi together. When Amin threw up because he's nauseous. The road was... Continue Reading →

What Is A Real Man?

What a question....I was watching The Duke on Astro late last night with my brother (for lack of better things to watch) and the issue was 'What Is A Real Man?' and I was tempted to give my ten-cents worth.... Continue Reading →

Just Leave Us Alone

Disclaimer: I would so love to tag a few people in this note but for privacy reasons, I guess I should not. This is dedicated to mothers with little sons – I hope you’ll remember this in the future.  ... Continue Reading →

The Climb 2

We woke up in Kaitaia to a cool, bright day. The sky was blue, and the sun was shining. My idea of a perfect day. Seems that the weather forecast was wrong. If only we have ignored it, we would... Continue Reading →


Grandma and grandpa had always been strict about breakfast. "You must take your breakfast before you get out of the house." Their house is about 20 meters next to ours. One day my dad and I went over to their... Continue Reading →


Someone once told me to be honest to myself. But have I ever told you what happened when I was being honest? I've never been a good liar. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in lies. Honesty is always... Continue Reading →

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