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The Surakarta Chronicles Part 1: Beca

We wondered how we were going to cross the four-laned Jalan Brigjend Slamet Riyadi to get to Masjid Agung Surakarta, which was only 500m on foot from our hotel. It is unthinkable to take a taxi or a grab because... Continue Reading →


Jack of All Trades

"It's the pursuit of knowledge, darling." When you found out that a rock star finally completed his PhD in astrophysics at 61 years of age, you look inside yourself and wonder why you couldn't successfuly mix arts with science like... Continue Reading →

The Sounds of Hollowness

It's not easy to translate those sounds into words. Those sounds that came at first from the hands, from the hands of a beautiful soul. A beautiful soul, that moves calmly even while flowing through the thunderstorm. It even looks... Continue Reading →

The Second Tunnel

Numb. It buzzed. Still numb. Another buzz. That's better. The broken signal. Black and white. "It's been a long time," she was told. Let's do this again. Numb. Fear. The enclosing walls. Eyes closed. The drums started beating. The songs... Continue Reading →

The Tunnel

Written on 3rd December 2016 She was pushed on a stretcher, through long cavernous hospital corridors, in and out of elevators. She was brought seven years back. When their second baby went up to paradise. She was alone in the... Continue Reading →

Re-examining The Rhapsody

"How's the movie?" "I think it's ok. But somehow it made me re-examine myself. Somehow." I thought it was just me. Then I saw an interview where the host said he ended up re-examining his life too. Somehow the portrayal... Continue Reading →

Surah Al Kahfi: Pengajaran dari Kisah Lelaki dengan Dua Kebun

Pengajaran daripada surah Al Kahfi - MasyaaAllah, Laa quwwata illa billah Saat kita merasa gembira, kagum atau bangga dengan diri sendiri (dan/atau anak-anak) sama ada usaha, pencapaian, harta benda, kecantikan malahan hasil kebun sekalipun, yang paling utama adalah mengakui bahawa... Continue Reading →

Surat Cinta Untuk Starla?

"Teruntuk kamu, hidup dan matiku...." Menyanyikan lagu-lagu cinta menjelang malam hari Berlibur di keliling dunia penerbangannya first class, hotelnya lima ke lapan bintang Pangannya Michellin 5 star walaupun tepi jalan Belikan sejambak bunga setiap ulang tahun Cincin berlian untuk pernikahan... Continue Reading →

Of Promoting Certain Lifestyles and Their Related Diseases

I'm a doctor, and I can bake. My butter cake, apple pies and fruity cheese cake could disappear within minutes. People can't help getting second helpings of my blueberry and chocolate chip muffins. My cousin used to wait impatiently for... Continue Reading →

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