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Praying for Ease – A Doctor’s Perspective

During sister Yasmin Mogahed's talk, A Sacred Conversation, recently, she spoke about praying for ease. It doesn't mean our lives will be void of challenges but it makes the tests easier to face. As doctors, one of our biggest horrors... Continue Reading →


Kluang Train Station

I was in Kluang a few weeks back. We stopped by at Stesen Keretapi Kluang for a late breakfast. I was in the bathroom when a train arrived. It felt like the whole building was shaken because of the train.... Continue Reading →

Sunrise in the Desert

In November, I had the opportunity to witness the sunrise in the desert, which is something that I think should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. There was a story behind this visit, but let me show you... Continue Reading →

Pasar Malam (Night Market)

From Senggarang, we went to Kukup for sunset. Kukup is the southernmost point of the Asian continent. Sadly the area is not what it was before. We expected to see wooden houses on stilts, like the ones in Kampung Ayer,... Continue Reading →

The Inspiring Family

The details of this encounter and the family has been changed to protect the privacy of the family. We went to Sharjah for lunch with a friend of my aunt. They were originally from Palestine, and the father has worked... Continue Reading →

Brunei Stopover

On our way to Dubai with Royal Brunei, we stopped over in Bandar Seri Begawan (that is Brunei's capital) for almost seven hours. Initially I wanted to plan the trip in Brunei, because the time is short, I wanted to... Continue Reading →

That Stack of Black-and-Whites

That stack of black-and-whites and sepias Dusty With pieces of broken plastic And pieces of broken heart That stack of black-and-whites and sepias Proofs of stories told With glistening eyes and reminiscent smiles With laughter that accompanied cups of tea... Continue Reading →

How to be Single, Happily

(1) Remember the purpose of this life, which is to worship Allah. There are two ways to worship Allah, and both are important: with specific rituals prescribed in the Quran and sunnah, and to be kind to all creation around... Continue Reading →

Of Being Thankful Despite the Circumstances

This was written on 24th September 2017. A week ago, my uncle passed away after complications of a cardiac intervention. I know I'm not his daughter, and I could never imagine how difficult it was for my cousins throughout the... Continue Reading →

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