You may be able to guess what I do for a living and where I am from based on the things I write about, and the language that I use.

But you won’t be able to tell who I am, as a person, if you have just read one or two articles in this blog, especially if you only read “What The Public Doesn’t Know”. In fact, I wanted people to learn more from other articles than from this one.

My life and emotions are complex enough so I don’t meddle with, or talk about, politics or the government. Anyone who tries to ask me about it will get frustrating answer, which may comprise of three words: I don’t know.

I believe in looking into myself to improve my life, or the situation that I am in. I believe in being the change that we want to see in this world. I don’t believe in blaming others for the difficulties in our lives, although at the same time we should point out mistakes so that they could be corrected and make the world a better place for everyone.

I truly believe in God, but I respect others’ beliefs or disbelief. Therefor I expect others to respect my choice and beliefs too.

I was not raised with swear words so any comments with swear/dirty/inappropriate words will not be approved, even if you agreed with my points of view.

The contents of this blog is more emotional than factual, and I believe emotions can be stronger than facts. If you’re searching for facts perhaps you should look for other blogs or books to read. May I say, someone quoted this: People may not remember what you do to them, but people will always remember how you made them feel.

Emotions are as real as thoughts, There are neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for emotions so yes, they ARE real.

Finally, this is my blog, my thoughts, my emotions, my choice. I try to write as appropriately as I can, and I try to abide by God’s rules as much as possible. If jazz is not you genre, please listen to something else. So if this blog is not as you expected, please read something else. Try not to tell me to change what I wrote because I write from my heart.

Well, unless there are some blatantly wrong facts that you feel needs correction.

Have a good read, I hope you will learn something about life and death from here.

All I wanted was for everyone to be kind to each other.

*Most, if not all, of the photos here were shot by myself or my little sister.

*You may view a collection of my photos on my instagram account: alambymariasyamsi