From My Heart


February 2012

Between Being Thankful and Wanting Progress

Written on 5th October 2011, at 0050hrs.   People behave differently when they eat in a restaurant. Some eat quietly without comments. Some curse the cook.   As Muslims, we're taught not to talk badly about food. We're taught to... Continue Reading →


Simplicity, Moderation and Modesty – Saying it the Simpler Way

Written on 5th October 2011, at 0025hrs.   Simplicity, moderation and modesty are the best policies.   The other day I had a chat with my aunt about relationships. I summarized for her what happened around me during the past... Continue Reading →

Wedding Photography

Written on 28th September 2011, 2049hrs Disclaimer: There are a few terms in here using Malay language, but I don't think it disturbs the meaning of the whole article.   I'm not saying that I'm a good photographer; there's a... Continue Reading →

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