Written on 5th October 2011, at 0025hrs.


Simplicity, moderation and modesty are the best policies.


The other day I had a chat with my aunt about relationships. I summarized for her what happened around me during the past 2+ years in about 5 minutes time. Really, if you’re very close to me, you’d know how much drama it has costed, and it sounds like it’s impossible to cut the long story short. But yes, I could!


The following statements were taken from…emm…my own tweets, actually.


1. My cousins don’t even remember what my wedding dresses looked like. Do you think I’ll even bother the next time around? Not too much!


2. Don’t complain to me if you bring back RM 10000 per month. I’ll smack you in the head.


3. You talk about not having enough money to raise kids but you want to shop every week and travel overseas every few months? Seriously?


4. I’m thankful that Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW taught us the concept of barakah and moderation. Life is much easier.


5. By not giving our children everything they asked for, we’re doing a lot of good to them.


6. Life is a lot easier and calmer if we plan to only please Allah; when we please Him, all the important people in our lives will be happy too.


7. When we please Allah, we save a lot of money. Then we can donate some more so we can please Him even more. It’s that simple.


8. It’s true, ignoring worldy things put our minds at peace. Without vanity or being materialistic, it’s easier to feel happy and calm.