From My Heart


January 2017

Ngobrol Soal Politik

Talk about politics. Actually no. I don't want to talk about politics.  I just want to say what would be lovely.  It's a cold night right now and I am imagining a rainy evening, lights dimmed, we're talking with mugs... Continue Reading →


What’s With Love and Politics

"Saya senantiasa ikut Pemilu," he said."Kamu pilih siapa?" she responded.He smiled. A meaningful smile.She smiled back."Kiranya kita memilih yang sama ya?"They still smiled at each other."Kecewa?" he asked.For some reason, I feel that this is the sweetest conversation in the... Continue Reading →

From Mecca to Jakarta (With Sweet Dreams and Poetry In Between)

"Dicari karya Chairil Anwar tapi gak ada. Langsung dibaca perjalanan hidupnya dulu." Since I had two cups of coffee today (and the latest was at 8pm 😰), I gave myself the rights to ramble. Hahah. (1) One of my few... Continue Reading →


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