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July 2014

Pantun Sutera dan Songket

Pabila mendung awan kelabu, Turunlah hujan guruh mendatang; Pabila gandum disulam tebu, Itulah manisan untuk dihidang. Tubuh layu hatiku gundah, Tidak berdaya mendendang inang; Buah nyiur diparut sudah, Tinggal ditambah si batang pinang. Bahtera sultan menongkah lalu, Zapin dan joget... Continue Reading →


Why Do We Fast

I was watching (again) a video of a sweet, brave and strong Syrian girl, perhaps around age 8 or 9, or younger, showing her faith and integrity. Something woke me up. Allah SWT has ordered Muslims to fast for a... Continue Reading →

Pesanan Kesihatan Untuk Aidilfitri

Kita semakin menghampiri penghujung Ramadhan, dan tidak lama lagi, ramai di kalangan kita akan bergerak pulang ke kampung atau bercuti, tidak kira bangsa atau agama. Saya ingin memberi sedikit pesanan berkenaan kesihatan, saya harap dapat memberi sedikit panduan pada masa... Continue Reading →

Palestine and Us

For at least the whole week or two, there were not much else I could see on my timeline except for news about Palestine. It is somehow the same period of time that there were news about Syria last year.... Continue Reading →

A Blessed Life

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said, "Let him be humbled into dust, let him be humbled into dust." It was said, "Allah's Messenger, who is he?" He (PBUH) said: "He who sees either of his parents during... Continue Reading →

Apple Pies and I

First let me put down the recipe. I made a few apple pies before and this one is unlike the ones I made. Apparently this recipe has won the cooks many awards, so. Decided to give it a try. I... Continue Reading →

Always Better

I entered Ramadhan with hopes and prayers. Hopes because I know that my prayers have been answered, in their own special way, when I least expect them to be. Praying desperately as there are things that have yet to happen,... Continue Reading →

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