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December 2010


When my mom was pregnant with me, she did not go for her job interview in Dewan Bahasa. She wanted to care for her newborn baby full time.   As the first baby, it was not an easy delivery. But... Continue Reading →


That Weird Asian

Funnily I had a conversation in the lift just now. With a stranger. Now. Maria doesn't talk to strangers. She smiles at them.   Anyway. Here goes.   "There's so many of these n**** foreigners staying here, right?" he said. "I... Continue Reading →

Pretty Girl Meets Cute Guy

Pretty girl meets cute guy.   Pretty girl asked him about his job. He told her about his job.   She asked him about his hobbies. He talked at length about his wonderful hobbies. She listened with wide eyes.  ... Continue Reading →

Love Actually

I really am talking about Love Actually, the movie.   I guess I'm not the only person who watches this movie every December, or every Christmas. The movie was opened in December 2003. Liza, Nirda and I went to watch... Continue Reading →

It’s A Beautiful Life

I heard this story three times on Saturday, from different people and different perspectives; but it's still a lovely story altogether. In the late 70s, my uncle Mohlis worked as a ship engineer. He used to be away from home... Continue Reading →

Doctors, Death and Grandpa

They say that doctors don’t feel anything anymore when their patients pass away. It’s not true.   They say palliative medicine is easy. “Do nothing.” Absolutely not true.   It’s not easy.  Sure, we go on with our lives after... Continue Reading →

Sexuality and Companionship – The Breast Cancer Story

Written on 3rd December 2010 @ 0022hrs   There was this lady with a large, cancerous breast lump. Well-groomed, she’s only 33 years old. She came to see my boss to discuss about her options of treatment.   She did... Continue Reading →

Our Dreams

Written on 1st December 2010 @ 2306hrs   Mr Tee (not his real name) was the longest-staying patient in our ward.   Jaspal is my dear colleague in the ward.   One night in Ramadhan Jaspal had a dream: She... Continue Reading →


Written on 30th November 2010 @ 2153hrs   When someone had just crashed your life and you're trying to build up your life again, you'd cling to even the tiniest bit of hope you see around you. * * *... Continue Reading →

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