From My Heart


August 2016

The Melody

There are songs

When you listen

You feel like singing along

But you just could not do it

Because the music is too beautiful


You need to listen intently

To the melodious quiver of the violin

To every strike on the piano

To the deep emotions of the bases

The palpitation-inducing drums


You immerse yourself

In the harmony of them all

With the sweet voice like a clarinet

In the heart wrenching drama

That inspired the words


Deep in the orchestra

You sit still

Yet your mind


Bawa Aku Pergi

Aku tahu benar aku bahagia

Tapi aku masih mahu pergi

Pergi jauh dari sini
Dari kota dan segala bentuknya


Pergi dari sini

Untuk menhirup udara nyaman

Pagi hari kedinginan

Melihat hutan kehijauan

Berbaring di pantai pasirnya putih

Belum tercemar

Masih terbiar

Bermandi di laut yang jernih

Berenang bersama ikan-ikan

Waktu siangnya diliputi awan

Melihat hujan

Membasahi alam

Tik tik tik


Malam diterangi purnama

Tak terkejar dia sang suria

Sudah aturan alam

Masakan siang dapat dikejar malam

Bintang bintang berserakan

Entah berapa jauhnya

Tiada manusia bisa fikirkan

Bawa aku pergi

Ingin kulihat alam

Ingin kurasai Tuhan

Menikmati kekuasaan-Nya

Menyaksi bukti keindahan-Nya

Yang Esa

Bawa aku pergi

Dari sini


I watched this initially because of…erm….Nicholas Saputra.

That’s what I thought I would get. Mere entertainment.
However, later that evening, when I came down to earth, I was overcome by gratitude, that my heart felt what it has not felt for a very long time.

There I was, sitting on the floor, with only the sounds of the crickets outside the room, immersed in my imagination – I was lying on the grass, looking up at the leaves on top of the trees, breathing fresh, clean air.

Or looking at the stars strewn across the night sky.

My mind was then brought across the universe, through galaxies upon galaxies upon galaxies.

I was at awe.

We do not know what’s beyond all those.

Or do we?

My tears flowed.
Such magnificent order,

How could nature, how could the trees, the leaves, the grass, the earth, the stars, the moon and the sun, with their perfect distances from one another, exist without a plan?

How could there even a question about The Planner?

Such magnificent design could not have happened on its own. There is no flaw, no crack in the skies, is there?

Such impressive layout could not have occurred without a plan. Everything is a perfect fit.
My tears flowed with praise and gratitude.

Gratitude that I had a chance to know The Planner. Thankful that I could immerse myself with the nature’s wonder, and feel His Omnipotent presence. It is, indeed, the greatest gift one could ever obtain from The Giver of Gifts.

To look at the opulent skies just to understand that there is so much we have not discovered.

To have studied science just to be aware of its limitations, to grasp that science merely discovers the creation and the works of it. To learn that science has yet to answer endless questions, be it in health, physics, chemistry or astronomy.

To be humbled by the fact that human beings are limited.

To figure out that science, therefore, is limited.

And God is Almighty.

* * *

Indeed, religion is not simply rules upon rules. Living only upon rules would only  bring up rigid, judgmental people.

One needs to feel His presence, understand His Greatness, His Love, His Briliance, His Perfection. To look around, to study and reflect. Only by discovering our weakness, our flaws, our lack of knowledge, our limitations,that we could grasp there is One who’s beyond all that.

It amazed me that the words of Allah is, in its true form, spread with manners and good character. The good character then introduces its followers to understanding the universe, invites them to study the sun, the moon and the skies, to reflect upon their perfect orders. The manners that somehow encouraged them to explore oceans, rivers and forrests.

The connection seems unreal.

But it is as true as the sun and the moon.

* * *

I hope and pray that I will continue to rejoice in this emotions, to excel in these thoughts, until the time I meet with The Planner of this magnificent universe.
* * *

The link to the interview is as follows:

Nicholas Saputra and the environment

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