From My Heart


August 2010

Angel’s Wings

I know the world is kind of scary these days. Crime everywhere. People not sincere with whatever they say or do. But I'm glad that my life has been touched by so many angels around me. Angels in many forms.... Continue Reading →


My Gentle Grandpa

Listening to the Quranic readings from the radio reminded me of one person. My grandpa. I remember those days when we used to go to the mosque for tarawih, and he's the imam. His gentle voice ringing through the air.... Continue Reading →


Singledom. Come back from work. Sleep off the lethargy. Wake up and have dinner of bread and serunding daging and buah kurma. Then study till midnight. Alone. Meaningful? Well, I could have a meaningful sleep now. And then I could... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Monday Part 2 – Lucky, Aren’t We?

So here goes. I came home from work at around 6.15pm. Well, not really going home for real because I was just going to fetch the nasi biryani in the fridge, and get back to the hospital (which is five... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Monday

No wonder I had bad feelings on Sunday night. Bad things happened on Monday. Monday night I found myself sitting in the police station with my dear brother. Numb, a little sad, bewildered. Scared, too. It was daunting to come... Continue Reading →

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