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April 2010

Jalan Kampungku Masih Berlubang

Satu pihak kata yang satu lagi tiada sahsiah. Satu lagi pihak kata balik yang dia pun sama tiada integriti. Lepas tu dua-dua kata tak baik mengata orang lain, cermin diri sendiri. Tapi bila cermin diri sendiri, masing-masing nampak kebesaran dan... Continue Reading →


To Dream Or Not To Dream

I dreamt of you, my dear And when I woke up I saw your face But I'm sorry to say, my darling It was not a good dream It was not a bad dream either I saw him, too, you... Continue Reading →

Awkward Questions Part 2

I think I've written about awkward questions about a year ago, or maybe less. This is just a matter of my (uncomfortable) opinion. I think it is not appropriate to ask the following questions, because the answers might just be... Continue Reading →

Merapu Selama Lima Minit

Dalam cerita P Ramlee, Saloma kata, "Merapik." Nak dipendekkan cerita... Memang belajar berkumpulan banyak faedahnya. Selalu Dato' suruh belajar dengan kawan-kawan tapi aku buat MCQ selama ni sorang-sorang. Tadi petang buat MCQ dengan Farah rasa lebih banyak pulak boleh ingat... Continue Reading →

I Need A Hug (Public Display of Affection)

It's quite an uncomfortable issue to discuss about, for some people, that is. Amazing how different people see this, especially us Asians. I used to, well, know this person who's not too happy with all this public display of affection.... Continue Reading →

Sleepless Reverie

My nurses have long dozed off. I don't know why I can't stop working tonight. I hope tomorrow is a good day. Clinical summaries. Insurance claims. Forms for courses, LPOs. Last-minute MRCP application (gasp!) - I wonder whether there's space... Continue Reading →


I guess we all have been misunderstood at one point of time in our lives. Well, at least one point. But I realised that sometimes it's our fault. We never really tell others what we're going through, what we feel.... Continue Reading →

I’m Going Crazy, Yes I Am!

They said Gandhi was crazy. They said Mahathir was crazy. They used to say Steve Jobs was crazy. Donald Trump was crazy. Barrack Husain Obama was crazy. Michael Jackson was crazy Any similarities? I think I would voluntarily go crazy... Continue Reading →

Ghareeb 7: The Smile, The Big Tree, and Other Stories

A few days ago I had a dream. I learnt something from it. A few days ago I commented on a friend's note. I learnt something from my own comment too. You know, sometimes we could see things clearer when... Continue Reading →

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