“Does God really love me?”

“If He loves me, why am I facing so much difficulties?”

“Has God abandoned me?”

People ask these questions all the time. Some ask these questions to the extent of doubting His existence. In the early days of his prophethood, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had these questions, therefore Allah SWT sent down two surahs, they are Al-Insyirah and Ad-Dhuha. Since then, our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW has never became depressed and has never felt hopeless anymore.

(1) Allah asked rhetorical questions in the beginning of the surah, allowing us to reflect and count on our blessings.

(2) Therefore, indeed, definitely, truly, surely, that with every difficulty, comes multiple ease.

Allah did not tell us that life will be fine, that life should not have any problems. He never told us that His love is seen on how easy our lives would be. But Allah reassured us that with every single difficulty, there is at least two eases/relief/blessings that would come with it. At least two, but most of the time it is multiple.

(3) Allah advised us to keep on trying to overcome our problems, keep on planning to do one good deed after another, to keep on praying to Him for help in facing the trials in life, that this world is not a place to rest.

(4) As long as we have Allah’s pleasure as our aim, this world will be secondary in our concerns. We would live a life free of anxiety, full of hope and positivity.

Human beings need something constant in life, and knowing the nature of the world, NOTHING is constant. Not our parents, not our siblings, not our partners, not our children, not our health or money. The only place to find constance is with God, for He is the everlasting. His words in the Quran are constant; they have not been changed and will never be changed. His promises are constant. The hope He gave is constant. He has told us to be positive in our lives, in many many words in the Quran, and that is what we’re going to do. It is only when we could hold on to a constant figure that we could live life without the chains of anxiety and hopelessness.

I have witnessed, and I have surely experienced, that indeed, with hardship comes multiple ease. I experienced something difficult for a few weeks of my life, something that no women would want to go through, yet those few weeks of difficulties have given me almost SEVEN years of ease, and I know many many more years of ease will come by. I bear witness that the promises of Allah is true, and I hope He will never let me forget this.

May Allah bless Dr Yasir Qadhi and his family forever and ever.

Sheikh Yasir Qadhi’s khutbah: With hardship comes ease