I first saw this book on Dakwah Corner Bookstore’s Facebook Page. Couldn’t get my hands on it until a few months after that. I did not know what the book was about, but since it was by brother Nouman, I just had to have it.

Basically it is a collection of transcripts of some of his many lectures, edited so that they would be more suitable for a book. These are mainly khutbahs (lectures) given during Friday prayers. Those of us who regularly listen to his lectures would be familiar with some of the topics presented in this book. For example, ‘It’s a Girl’, “Thoughts on Paris’ and ‘A Prayer for Desperate Times’.

The contents of the book is very easy to understand. The language, because it is actually spoken language, is simple. There are no bombastic words used.

I particularly like the article titled Criticism. He spoke about the tafsir of the word ‘tawasi’ from Surah Al Asr, one that most of us Muslims memorize. I summarized the points about giving and accepting advice that can be derived from that one word: just ONE word could change the way we communicate, the way we advice each other, and the way we accept advice.

Imagine, the Quran obviously consists of thousands of words, and each word could be elaborated, reflected upon and acted on. Imagine the depth of wisdom a person could attain from learning the Quran throughout his life. It is a boundless as the universe seems to be.

Therefore, learning the Quran is something that every Muslim should do his entire life, of course, on top of learning other skills and knowledge. The knowledge of the Quran will help us in our lives in this challenging world, and more importantly, to face Allah in the hereafter.

Although it was edited to suit a book, I personally think it could be done better, there are things that should be left in the videos and changed to more suitable words for a book. The sentences sometimes sound a bit rough.

Would I read the book again? Yes. This is a book that reminds us about the greatest reminder of all times: The Quran. With the wonders of the Quran briefly explained in books like this, we should be encouraged to become earnest students of the Quran.